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Body Solid EXM4000S Multi-Stack Gym With LP40S Leg Press

Body Solid EXM4000S Multi-Stack Gym With LP40S Leg Press

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About this item
  • Gives the best all-inclusive gym package
  • Provides a huge variety of exercises for the upper and lower bodies
  • Ensures superior endurance and complete body conditioning
  • Automatic hydraulic adjustments for seat cushions
  • Simple to access pop pin adjustments from seated positions
  • Lower lumbar support DuraFirmTM pads
  • Comes with LP40S Leg Press
  • Brand origin: USA

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EXM4000S Multi-Stack Gym System

The Body-Solid EXM4000S is made for people who want the complete gym experience. For maximum muscular strength, complete body conditioning, and improved endurance, it offers a huge variety of upper and lower body exercises.

The optional Leg Press / Calf Press Station allows up to four people to exercise simultaneously. It can be placed in the middle of the room or comfortably against a wall. A fourth weight stack comes with the optional leg press station and exercise stations are fed by three 210 Lb. steel alloy weight stacks.

It has a number of unique features, including DuraFirmTM pads with lower lumbar support, a Bench Press with a “kick-assist” lever for full prestretch and range of motion, seat pads with automatic hydraulic adjustments, and easy-access pop pin adjustments from the seated positions.

It also comes with a tough, durable powder coat finish, weight stack shrouds for safety, a 2″ x 4″ mainframe to eliminate torsional flex, a Perfect PecTM Station with range limiters, an advanced articulating handle design for the feel of a genuine dumbbell workout.


  • Chest Press Station: The kick-assist lever enables you to adjust the handgrips into relaxing starting and finishing positions for a full prestretch and range of motion without strain.
  • Triceps Press Down Station: Contains a Triceps V-Bar that is center-balanced and allows follow-through movement at the best resistance.
  • Shoulder Press Station: This station is biomechanically constructed to apply full resistance to the deltoids, working only the muscles and not the joints.
  • Lat Pull-Down Station: For the best development of the lats, shoulders, and upper arms, use the lat pull-down station.
  • Perfect Pec Station: The ideal pec station features dual overhead cams with six increment settings on each arm, which allow for variable starting positions and precise pre-stretching with the best biomechanical movement.
  • Ab Crunch Station: Quick results from this station! Your abdominal and oblique muscles can be completely isolated in order to develop a lean, muscular waist.
  • Chest Supported Row Station: This station helps to create a significant lat stretch, which is essential for maximum back development. The chest pad is incredibly comfortable and adjustable.
  • Low Pulley Station: The low pulley swivels smoothly and completely to offer precise resistance for a variety of exercises, including cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg adduction, and leg abduction.
  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl Station: This cam-driven leg developer will help you develop incredible knee strength in precise biomechanical form while working your quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Three 210 lb. Alloy Steel Weight Stacks: Modern alloy weight stack plates use extra-large nylon bushings for incredibly smooth motion and sound-deadening cushioning.
  • DuraFirmTM Pads: Strong, rip-proof, fully supported DuraFirm pads and rollers offer LIFETIME support and comfort and won’t bottom out or wear out… GUARANTEED!
  • Shrouds for weight stacks: All weight stacks are covered by full-length shrouds for better safety and aesthetics.
  • Includes a utility strap, a fully padded ab/triceps strap, a rotating straight bar, a balanced triceps bar, and a fully padded lat bar.
  • LP40S Leg Press option for EXM4000S
  • WSA5 5 Lb. Weight Stack Adapter Plate: Gives you the option to increase the resistance in 5 lb. increments.
  • WSA2-5 2.5 Lb. Weight Stack Adapter Plate: gives you the option to increase the resistance in 2.5 lb. increments.
  • NB59 Adjustable Nylon Handle: Gain control of comfort and flexibility
  • TR20 Triceps Rope: Features extremely thick, high-carbon steel swivels and large rubber blocks.
  • HP10 Premium Weight Stack Plate: Brand-new weight stack plate, premium quality
  • Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
  • Weight Stack: (3) 210 Lbs. – upgradeable to 4
  • Pulleys: (2) High Pulley, Low Pulley
  • Cushions: DuraFirm Pads
  • Accessories Included: Lat Bar, Low Row Bar, Utility Strap and Workout Poster, and Workout DVD.
  • Weight Stack Shrouds
  • Perfect Pec Pec Fly
  • Dimensions (with Options LP40S): 338 x 376 x 211 cm
  • Item Dimensions (LWH): 338 x 231.14 x 210.8 cm
  • Item Weight: 605.56 Kg
  • User Capacity: 3 upgradeable to 4

LP40S Leg Press:

The EXM4000S can accommodate up to four users working out simultaneously with the optional Leg Press / Calf Press Attachment. In addition to providing constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, a double-beam design lessens strain on the ankles.

It is designed for comfort, safety, and variety in exercise. The side stability handles firmly secure you. Precision-engineered pillow block bearings of industrial grade for slick motion and tighter tolerances. A weight stack of 1-210 lbs. is included.

In order to work the glutes, hamstrings, and thighs, a pivoting press plate rotates both upward and downward. The extra large, extra wide, non-slip rubber-covered press plate can handle the big guys.


  • Comes with double beam design
  • Extra large, extra wide, non-slip rubber-covered press plate
  • Built for safety, comfort, and exercise variation
  • Features side stability handles


  • Item Dimensions (LWH): 375 x 337 x 210 cm
  • Item Weight: 231.34 Kg
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