The Sole Story began with treadmills designed for rigorous use at hotels in the US and Canada. Sole F80 & F85 introduced over 20 years ago, are still the highest rated treadmills in the market. Sole Fitness is a Premium brand in the fitness industry, highly committed to its customers and dedicated to offer budget friendly, high quality fitness equipment for every home and fitness centre. Sole products have consistently earned “Best Buy” reviews & ratings on several reputable customer review sites and fitness magazines.

Designed for the Toughest Workouts

Sole F80 Treadmill

The F80 treadmill has been reviewed as “the best treadmill in its price range” by both consumers and numerous consumer resources* (Independent 3rd party reviews) With a new 10.1” Android-powered Touch Screen panel that comes standard with built-in entertainment apps and a wireless charging pad, the F80 is one of the most versatile treadmills you can purchase.

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New and Upgraded

Sole Elliptical E95

Equipped with a 27-pound flywheel, the E95 ensures smooth, quiet operation. The gear ratio is remarkably high, offering an ample resistance range that caters to all fitness levels. The machine features a motorized incline system, allowing for an adjustable ramp angle between 0 and 20 degrees.

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Great For High Intensity Workouts

Sole Fitness SR500

The Sole SR500 Rower has an incredibly smooth air and magnetic resistance action to simulate being on the water, making exercising more enjoyable. This device has a lengthy aluminum rail that can fit numerous people of different heights. This rower is convenient to transport about and store because of its foldable construction and front wheels

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